High tech & Electronics

High tech & electronics

Dynamic high-tech companies require high-tech logistic solutions. Whether you offer (consumer) electronics, computer equipment, electronic components, telecommunication or semiconductors, your company will have to deal with shorter life cycles, lower product rates and intensive globalization. This is very demanding for your company: Research & Development costs increase while you have to safe on other costs to remain competitive. This can raise challenges, especially in case of high quality products. Can you coop with high throughput and at the same time not have too much or too little stock? Do you have sufficient staff to perform quality checks when necessary? Or do you come across your storage capacity because of the various options and possibilities you wish to offer your clients? Can you guarantee the extremely fast delivery times your client’s desire in all seasons? And further also consider the carriers that aim for safe transport and can help you with transport insurance?

Flexibility and safety for your high quality products

We gladly help you with these and other logistic challenges. We think along in cost effective, flexible and safe supply chain solutions to be able to fulfil the demands. Fast delivery times, safe intermodal transport and engineered inventory control are some examples of our services for high-tech electronic producers and distributors. This way you can maintain your focus on development and introduction of new products.


Fast reactions and quotes through our Customer Service teams. They advise you regarding the most suitable transport solution for your high-tech products.


Support in performing quality checks, for example in busy periods. This way you can aim on your own activities instead of (re-)packaging and labelling.


You do not pay the ultimate price for express (re)delivery of spare parts. Thanks to a smart network of vans and trucks Europe is within reach for larges and smaller volumes.


Knowledge of the High-tech branch through experience with various customers from the branch (1 of 10 of our clients). Our service is awarded with an 8-!

The high demands of fast and reliable deliveries can bring high costs. Or also uncertainties: are the spare parts and products already delivered at your client or is he still waiting? With a network of over 350 delivery vans and dozens of trucks we are available all over Europe for careful shipping of your high-tech products. Whether it concerns a transport from Germany to Portugal or from England to Spain: we know the shortest route! And the fastest! As sometimes delivery is really urgent and we can arrange a transport with two drivers in no time! But of course you do not have to pay the highest rate.

Complicated formalities concerning import, export and transit of your high-tech goods or electronics? This can cause a lot of stress which is not necessary. We gladly help you with the application of your export licences of permits necessary to be able to ship or receive certain electronics. Including the accompanying paperwork and fiscal matters! Furthermore we can act as your fiscal representative for imports. In that case we take care of clearing the goods, payment of VAT and the administration involved.

Not just when rolling out products you need certainty and quality, also further in the life cycle of your products this is an issue. Think of performing quality checks in case of recalls, carrying out product modifications or delivering (modified) products. To meet your high demands we offer a wide range of value added technical services for electronic products. In our warehouse we guarantee the safety of your products by camera security, sprinkler installations and access control. Furthermore, for our ISO certification we work according procedures which guarantee a set service level!


“Several weeks ago we received a request from an electronics importer to think along how they could best serve the European market. They offer a wide range of products to their clients, such as vacuum cleaners and televisions. Because their own warehouse was to full, they could not meet the demand of their clients. By moving a large part of their products to our warehouse, arranging the paperwork accurately and timely supplying their customers throughout Europe, they could once again focus on selling their electronics. Furthermore we took a look at the import of the articles from Asia. By consolidating shipments of several suppliers cost saving was possible. We assisted in contacting these suppliers so the client was even more relieved.”

Our expert

David Herenius
Key Account Manager

Have any questions about MOL Logistics? Don’t hesitate to contact us! You can do this by e-mailing: d.herenius@mol-logistics.nl or calling to: 06-54947251.

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