Spare part Aviation Navigation

Spare part Aviation Navigation

Spare parts are crucial for the aviation and navigation. Because of rapid developments in aviation and navigation (spare) parts have to be available instantly. Also because of the increased safety demands, adjustments in the fleets are necessary. Liners, carriers, shipyards and hangars cannot afford themselves that parts arrive late. This causes huge delays that can have large financial consequences. That is why you look for a reliable carrier, even as a spare parts supplier.

Worldwide supply of spare parts for the aviation and navigation sector

To supply airports and harbours timely can be a special challenge, especially when it is urgent. Busy access roads and strict access controls raise high demands for your carrier or logistics partner. To prevent delays in your process we gladly look for solutions. We can find the fastest route to the (air)port in question. Whether in the United States, the Middle East or Asia. Flexible and fast transport solutions are within reach: you will find this at MOL Logistics!

Start with an advisory visit to look at the issues at hand or in which activities you can use support


You do not pay the ultimate price for express delivery of spare parts. Thanks to a smart network of vans for large and smaller volumes.


Make use of a worldwide network for air and ocean freight, were we can advise independently.


Fast quotes through our Customer Service teams. Including advice regarding the most suitable transport solution.

What if you client across the globe needs a spare part urgently? How do you approach this: do you call many carriers? Or look for a certain airliner or courier? But can they also supply to airports or terminals? Thankfully we can reach all destinations worldwide through one of the fastest transport modes: air freight. At MOL Logistics you can rely on a network of reliable carriers. Our Customer Service teams advice you and find the best solution for shipping your spare parts through the air. Including delivery at the air or ocean liner if necessary. Furthermore we can take care of safeguarding the shipment for air freight and providing the correct customs documents. Even an on-board courier is a possibility, an extra assurance for sensitive items.

Supplying Europe often succeeds through the groupage network. But even when you need spare parts delivered within a few hours? Air and ocean freight are no option, what do you do? Call an expensive courier? Not necessary at all, because though our express network the spare parts will be at destination in no time! Whether it is a large or smaller shipment: always affordable!

Fast delivery is not possible without sufficient stock and a well organised chain logistics. Therefore all spare parts are neatly organised in your warehouse. But sometimes you cannot meet the demand of your customers, for example in the holiday season. Or you find that a certain item is not where it should be and you miss opportunities. Therefore you can rely on us for stock and order management and an accurate administration so the right products are at the right location. Also reliable are our online tools so you have insight in all important issues.


“Also in the helicopter branch there are many changes: developments in technology are going further. The worldwide demand for these high tech equipment and spare parts is increasing fast. This raised worries for one of our customers. Instead of substituting quality and response time, they were looking for a reliable logistic provider with a solid worldwide network. Who thinks in solutions to get the transport go smoothly. But without the high costs. By engaging us, they could again focus on producing, assembling and delivering to commercial and governmental companies.”

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Key Account Manager

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