Logistics and transport: accessible, efficient and reliable

For arranging your transport and logistics you only need one partner: MOL Logistics. Our specialists for import, export, transport and customs related matters are waiting for you!


We offer suitable solutions for every industry and each company. We think creatively regarding your logistics and transport, through specialized knowledge and combined purchasing power.


Our specialists will offer your company the best care. Expect complete import and export options for all aspects of our services. Of course against the right price – quality ratio.

MOL Academy

To take away any of your worries, we offer various useful tools and documents in the MOL Academy. We fill this Academy continually with new relevant tools and information.

Organizing transport and logistics can be quite time consuming. Especially when you would rather focus on your own core business.

Our experts are quick on their feet in the world of logistics and transportation. We would like to help you with your logistic and transportation challenges.

With MOL Logistics as your creative partner in logistics you will no longer have to look for the best way to transport your goods!